Thursday, August 30, 2007

What a Shame!!! :(

In a tragic fallout of a political streetfight................., a Four-year-old boy died while being taken to a hospital after the ambulance carrying the sick child got stuck in traffic during clashes between Congress and BJP workers in Simla. The ambulance despite its blaring siren could not proceed as the road was blocked by the protesters. The police was busy dealing with the protesters.

Even the emotional appeals of the mother of the child to the police and party workers to let the ambulance pass as the boy needed urgent medical attention fell on deaf ears.In a desperate move, the child's mother got down from ambulance and carried him to another hospital nearby. However, the child died on the way.Had he made it to the hospital 15 minutes earlier, Docs might have saved him

As i was watching this heart piercing incident on News Channel, tears filled my eyes seeing the mother fighting for her child's life but was easily dragged apart by the fight struck ears.I started cursing the Administration once again.The police constables were just like those of "Pawns" in the game "Chess".Looked like they were there only out of there job and not "duty", moving there hands little bit and being so defensive. Had a Police been a little bit aggressive and done a gun shot in open air, the crowd would have easily shattered and the boy would have been saved. But no, unless they get orders how can they proceed for a thing like that, they can't think on there own. Phew!!

First the terrorists are killing innocent people by bomb blasts and such activities and than these in-house terrorists, the political parties workers are taking life like this.we don't understand where we are safe? and under which Government we are safe?

Remained totally confused between life and death, O Almighty, i am under your shelter. I pray u to save all of us OR this is your idea of "Kalyug". Even if it is, i request u to give Dog's death to all those sick minded killers who don't respect life, in turn don't respect you.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

See the Beauty at 60

Happy Birthday to India........Completing the 60 years of Independence

Here's wishing everybody a very happy Independence day.15th August,1947 was the day when India was liberated from the reign of British.It was a birth of a new nation and a new beginning.

"At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom. A moment comes, which comes but rarely in history, when we step out from the old to the new…India discovers herself again."
- Jawaharlal Nehru
(on Indian Independence Day, 1947)

The 60 years of pace has been successfully transited by India..... has emerged as the fastest growing economies in the important factor in IT sector.....the Indian beauties..... the Indian all, has developed an identity of its own. Moreover, the status of women has improved, the mentality and standards of an average Indian has improved.

But all this has happened only when India is free.Thus we should owe a debt of gratitude to all the freedom fighters who fought to see the all free India, faced the gun shots, went to jails still to remain in full high spirits.They left us with India that can be molded to reach the greatest heights and now blessing us from heaven.

My 80+ grandma-in-law tells me abt there life before independence, when they used to remain only at home out of the terror of british soldiers and other so many short stories, that made me to think that we, who are born in Free India, how much values freedom? ask those who has seen the
dependency, bondage, constraints.

Here I thanks and salute all the Indian freedom fighters, dead and alive.

Jai Hind

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Between U and me

Happy Birthday to dear Hubby- "U"rvir
Yes! its his Bday today.I wished him right at 12.00 O'clock and gave him surprise gift which he was hardly expecting bcoz it has rained heavily yesterday. He was ecstatic and said thanks from the depth of his heart.I like when behaves like that.He rarely shows overwhelming joy.he becomes happy and than easily, back to normalcy.

Their is a cartoon series "Oswald",my kid watches a lot.Oswald a star fish is a very spontaneous and haphazard kinda creature and "Hanry ",a penguin is oswald's friend.Hanry is more particular and sober.he has a particular style of doing things and has a fixed schedule for every day.

Urvir is like Hanry and i m like Oswald.He bahaves so normally and i give an extra ordinary response.Oswald like surprises and so as me. I like to give and get surprises.Urvir gives me the most wonderful and expensive gifts but i have to be with him.I always give him surprises, but best part is he loves me for that.Last night when i gave him an Arrow T Shirt and some other present,he gave me a nice hug.There was warmth, love, care and consciousness in surrounding.
And these lines came to my mind from nowhere:

the quiet,the serene the happiness for no measure,
these are the moments, the precious moments i treasure.

Monday, August 6, 2007

My Creations

My Creations