Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Missing Hyderabad

Hyderabad!! I am missing you a lot here in Pune. I am missing the Lumbini Park , the NTR Gardens, the Necklace Road, Indira Park, and other small small parks, Jalaram Bapa Mandir, Paradise (heart of the city), Haridwar Restaurant (our mostly fixed food joint for weekends), General bazar, all those occasional " Melas", Kavadiguda (my locality), and all my and U's friends who were close to our hearts.
Pune....none literally none of the above mentioned things or like things are there except friends.
But Of course one thing i am NOT AT ALL missing is "Monkeys". In fact i am so glad that we are living in the place where monkeys are not even in sight let alone their fear. My son here, has grown playing in the garden within our society in 1 year, like he has not grown for 3 years in Hyderabad because we were not allowed to go out even for wandering around in the society (by monkeys). so no question of kids playing. Of course those extra brave boys would play there games along with one default game of hide and seek with monkeys. But yes this was the only fall of Hyderabad for me, but actually the area.
I hope someday I will come to my Hyderabad for visit and refresh my sweet memories. Although I can't come back and get settled there again since we have already bought a flat in Pune and my in laws would never get ready to settle down in Hyd anyways.
Well!! we stay where our Bread and Butter is fixed by God. No option. No choice.


Sheetal said...

Monkeys too are missing u =))
I too am missing u here re....come back...

Madhav said...

If you have Monkeys in Kavadiguda, shift to Lakdi-Ka-Pul. Here, no monkeys at all !! Hyderabad too is missing you sister !!

Jugaad_Owner said...

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