Saturday, September 15, 2007

Mission Helicopter

Time: 5:30 PM

Order: To find the helicopter as soon as possible.

Threat: The whole house can become a total mess, if not found.

I just finished teaching him. He than started playing with his toys and within 10 mins, he suddenly changed his mind and asked me casually, "Mamma where is that Helicopter?" I asked "Which one baby?” He said,” That one...". Obviously unable to explain.

I decided to find it first and than show him. So like any Obedient Mom, I started exploring Whole House, literally Whole House because he has his closet for toys in his room, but other rooms are also not unaware of his toys. I got one. Victorious smile on my face. I showed him and asked,” This one?” Very easily he said, "NO" (like a gal rejects the marriage proposal of a guy who hardly dared to propose).My smile faded. I got another one, expecting this will be the last ball of the match, I showed him. Rejected again ridiculously. His anger is aroused and my panic. Never knew he has so many of helicopters...and than he takes all his toys so seriously, cursing the day when we bought (so many of) them for him. I finally gave up.

Requested him to search in his closet himself (kids now a days needs request only, I plead him to say me sorry, when he does some mistake).Thank God, he agreed, than this was the result:

Still there was not the one he was hunting for in them too. But good Lord he actually forgot and started playing with them and arranging them.

So, Mission Unsuccessful??


The night when I was preparing the bedding, I got the helicopter under his pillow (that he might have hidden in the afternoon while I was making him asleep).I rushed to him and showed him that one, and he screamed "Mil Gaya"

Mission Successful.


the_ego_has_landed said...

sweet.. lol 'smiles' kids r so innocent.

Magnet said...

that was really sweet.......... I smwhere started feeling, smwhere down the post, there might be a picture of a cute little baby grping for his stuff....................BY the way wat's his name.

Cindrella said...

Thanks guys for stopping by at my blog.
@ Magnet: My kids name is "Manan".U wanna see his snap, scroll down to see one of my previous posts "Kiddies Krishanashtami", in that his snap is there with his friend.

Karthick said...

Reminded me my young age...

Heart touching article and very much imaginable while reading..

Good creativity while framing the words :)

pradeepkumar said...

Aha..Couldn't help smiling. Poor mom you are..trying to keep up with the antics of kid. I wish I could have troubled my mom ( modesty..even I was a bit spoiled). What pains mom has to take to pacify kids..
I am actually reminded of Birbal's story where he pretends that he is a kid and makes unreasonable demands to Akbar.
Nice one... yes, as magnet would have been nice with a photo :)..maybe next time when he acts cute (which probably is way too many times a day, looking at the Krishnashtami pics)...pllllease upload a snap :)

Nags said...

that was a nice suggestions cindrella.

i used to go to divya disha in hyd some months back. now stopped that also..

Madhav said...

That was great achievement Pragna !! I really got to learn the tricks before Meenakshi starts doing such stuff !! Kids now-a-days are quite clever - like their Dads! Ha!Ha!Ha!

Pritika Gupta said...

he he..cute one..:)

Anonymous said...

this was lovely reading & the innocence just brings back our childhood days & is really imaginable...nice post!

Cindrella said...

Thanks to all :)

Okay Pradeep let me add one more snap, with my kid playing with the toys.
Check it now.


pradeepkumar said...

Wow...he is cho chweet and cute :)..I was amazed at the number of toys he is playing pampered (and rightly so) kiddoo at home :).

He is damn cute. You must have lots of fun raising him :). Thanks for sharing the pic of this naughty brat.

anits said... anits.. found your blog in kalyan's blog! anyway sweet post!

Cindrella said...

Pradeep......Smiles :)) He is damn cute as well as damn naughty too.

Anits...Welcome to the blog and Thanks :)

Kalpana said...


Swati said...

your son is adorable! hugs to him